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FCMA Soft Starter

If you need reliable FCMA Soft Starter from Alappuzha, Kerala, India, you can place your order with us. We have been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of FCMA Soft Starter for many years. Our products are quality approved and are rated very high for their long shelf life and overall performance. Our product is a reduced voltage starter ensuring constant low starting current as well as torque to the motor for smooth acceleration. FCMA Soft Starter is suitable for extreme weather conditions and is widely used in paper industry, textile industry, mining industry, etc. Moreover, the pricing is modest and prompt delivery assured.

Details :

  • Transwaves soft starters are step less, reduced voltage starter which ensures a constant low starting current incremental voltage and torque to the motor to get smooth acceleration. As the motor speed increases, the controller impedance decreases due to counter EMF feed back to achieve incremental voltage and torque for the motor at constant current.
  • This achieves very soft and smooth starting of load, such as Pumps, Crusher, Compressors etc.
  • Salient Features - Complete motor starting engineering solution as a part of pre-sales service to customer Extremely rugged in construction .
  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions like dust and desert environment Low starting Current Starting of motor in gensets Starting current up to less than 1.5 IFL Starting of motor with limited power Built in bypass for full voltage during running No Harmonics generation - Zero Harmonics No forced cooling required Micro controller Digital Motor protection for Over current, Under current, Stall, Lock, Phase failure , Reverse phase, Asymmetry Protection relay for under voltage / over voltage Virtually no maintenance Easy to install and operate Indigenous components and Magnetic Flux control technology Applicable Idustries Water board, Irrigation Department, Sewage treatment plant Paper industry, Textile industry, Mining industry etc.
  • Ordering Information The motor output in Kw, rated voltage, full load current, speed, power factor and resistance per phase Control supply voltage, Auxiliary supply voltage The motor torque speed characteristic The load torque speed characteristic The inertia of motor rotor as well as machine rotating parts.

Product Range

Type of AC Motors Synchronous Motors, Squirrel cage and Slip ring Induction Motor
Power 10KW to 20000 KW
Voltage 415V to 11 KV

Specification Standards

Operating voltage 415V/3300V/6600V/11000/13800V, 50/60Hz
Control voltage II0VDC/240VAC.50Hz
Auxiliary supply 240 V AC
Insulation Class H/F
Duty Cycle 6 starts per/hr
Method of cooling Natural air cooled
Enclosure Floor mounting cubicle with Bottom/Top cable entry in IP41 grade of protection suitable for indoor installation
Finish Epoxy powder coated